“My approach to design always arises from a need, a need or a problem. I look for solutions, solutions that are completely new, or try to improve or innovate something that already exists. I do not like “styling”, as the shape is always the result of an aesthetic function … obviously it has to be well harmonized. There are different types of designers, depending on the project area which you prefer to deal with: interior, product, exhibit, graphic, web, etc.. It is really hard for me to position my role into one of these categories. If you always work on the same area it’s easy that your creativity runs out, luckily I can cover all the design fields as I deal with different clients with always new and changing requests. This variety allows me to have a new approach to the project. The result is always astonishing.”

Our focus is the balance between creativity and constraints, art and engineering, development and product design, to create projects with both aesthetic and innovative value but always with an eye to the production process.

Interacting with engineering and branding people we assimilated their language, and this contamination is influencing our development process from the first steps to the delivery.

Product design

  • Market research and analysis
  • Usability
  • UI/UX
  • Ergonomic topics
  • Trend and category mapping
  • Consumer segmentation
  • Design strategy
  • Styling
  • Concept generating
  • Design development
  • Prototype and modelling development
  • 3D animation and visualization
  • Style guides
  • Design drivers
  • Product development
  • Strategy guides

Exhibit & interior

  • Design exhibitions
  • Event
  • Signage
  • Point of sale
  • Interiors

Fashion design

  • Fashion drawings and flats
  • Accessories design
  • Product development
  • Pattern design
  • Graphics for fabrics